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Important events
Presentation of the first model series of the brand «Poljot-International» named «Basilika».
Thanks to the optimal size and the handy form of the case this classical model up to now belongs to the most popular watches.
Watch show in Vienna. Award for the exclusive model «850 years Moscow» as “Best watch of the year” in the category «Elegant ladies’ watches». The golden case and the dial are decorated with 211 diamonds and 7 sapphires – all set by hand.
The watch «Millenium» was presented in due form to Alexij II., Patriarch of Moscow and Russia as a gift for the Russian Orthodox Church.
Alexander Shorokhov, director of the company «Poljot-International», congratulated the first Soviet president, Mr. Gorbatchev, to his 70th birthday and presented to him the first model of this limited watch. Meanwhile, diplomats and statesmen belongs to the owners of this watch.
«The magic of the Russian watches» – first presenting evening of the company in the General consulate of the Russian Federation in Bonn, 14th of November.
To the guests from politics, economy and press were presented the most interesting watch collections.
Journey to the North Pole on board of the ice-breaker «Yamal» with participation of some representatives of «Poljot-International».
The way through the silent ice desert became the trial run for the mechanical watch «Polar Bear».
In spite of the powerful magnetic fields and the low temperature - at the arrival at the North Pole the watch was running exactly. Right at the pivot of the earth’s axis the watch has got a unique stamp into its “documents”: «THE GEOGRAPHICAL NORTH POLE. 06 AUG 2006 90° N. I/B YAMAL».
Another presenting evening under the motto «The magic of the Russian watches», this time in the Russian embassy in Vienna. First, the New Year was celebrated with the usual Russian hospitality. Then, the Russian ambassador, Mr. S. Ossadchy and the director of the company "Poljot-International", Mr. A. Shorokhov were receiving the jewellers and watchmakers from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
First edition of the mechanical tourbillon «Strela-II» in March, as result of a project realised under participation of the cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, which “space walk” was a considerable contribution to the exploration of space. He was the first man walking in open space.
The watch will be delivered together with a special certificate signed by Leonov.
Russian Nights” in Madrid, May 17th. The background for the next «Russian Evening» was the historical building of the Russian embassy in Madrid. Representatives of "Poljot-International" from Great Britain, the Benelux countries, Austria, Germany and Spain informed the guests about the collections «Poljot-International» and «CCCP» (see also our web side www.cccp-watch.com).
Presentation of the new brand «Basilika» at the Fair «BaselWorld». The design of these ladies’ and gents’ watches is a harmonic connection between the traditional classical style of the «Poljot-International»-watches and original ideas and innovations inherent to the brand «Basilika». So, the new model „Big Second“ did not need special advertising for getting a lot of fans even at the first day of its presentation. Due to its fresh and fine appearance the ladies watch «Anastasia» was directly approved by the visitors, too.
The lake „Baikal“, February the 14th: The company „Poljot-V“ GmbH was sponsoring a price for one of the winners of a competition during the festival „Crystal seal“ taking place near the lake Baikal. The price for his ice sculpture was a „Baikal“-chronograph from „Poljot-International». During a week, 14 teams were cutting fabulous ice creations under the motto „The music of the lake“ standing temperatures near –28 °C.
The redesigned World Watch and Jewellery Exhibition BASELWORLD with 122,000 visitors (+17% / 2012) broke all records. The exhibitors were highly satisfied with the quality of the new BASELWORLD and business performance. Also regarding media coverage with 3,610 accredited journalists (+9% / 2012) a new record was set.
"Poljot International" & "Basilica" was also there with the latest watch models from this year. The new watches positive impressed the visitors of the BASELWORLD show.
More about the new models you will find here. (weiter...).