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Ladies and gentlemen,

The roots of the brand “Poljot-International” lie in the establishment of the “First State Watch Factory” in the 30s of the last century in Moscow. In 1961, after the first flight of an inhabitant of our planet into space, the products of this factory have been given the name “Poljot” (the flight).

In 1992, in order to sell the watches of this brand, the distribution company “Poljot-V GmbH” was founded in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), which already in 1994 under the guidance of its director, Mr. Alexander Shorokhov, proceeded with the creation of a new brand “Poljot-International”. On the one hand, continuing the Russian traditions of the brand “Poljot”, the newly founded watch brand “Poljot-International” has been choosing a fundamentally new way of development by using new high-quality material for the watch production, by creating an own modern design, high quality assembling of watches and a severe systematic process control.

The projecting works, manufacturing and certifying of watches were relocated to Germany, as a result of which the company could become completely independent and evolve its own development strategy. In the same year the company joined the “Federation of German Watch Producers”.

The successful development of the brand „Poljot-International” made it possible in the following for the company to occupy a place under the leading watch manufacturers in the middle price sector. The watches made by the company are now distributed in more than 35 countries. All watches “Poljot-International” are now produced in Germany. Nevertheless, you can feel and see the charm and the smoothness of the design, the dextrous hands of the watchmakers, the warmth of the Russian soul and of course their love to Russia.

Please find at our site the new brand «Basilika». It is not really new because of one of the most successful model series of "Poljot-International" is named «Basilika», too. This designation belongs to these watches as no name else, became a synonymous for the brand. That is why the registration in 2007, of this name in current use, as a new brand name was really a logical measure. The new brand is also produced in Germany and continues the innovation tradition of «Poljot-International» enjoying the watch lovers with fresh design, new technical processing and constructional innovations. For this we pay still more attention to the details, the quality of the watches and work, the service and after-sales service. The aim of the new brand is the entire satisfied customer.




Important events
September. In Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland, wird die Vertriebsgesellschaft «Poljot-V GmbH» mit dem Ziel gegründet, die Uhren der Ersten Moskauer Uhrenfabrik in Europa zu verkaufen.
Die Teilnahme der neugegrundeten Firma an der «Inhorgenta» in Munchen war die erste offizielle Beteiligung einer russischen Uhrenfirma an einer Uhrenmesse in Westeuropa und wurde zu einem riesigen Erfolg. Von da an wurden russische Uhren offiziell in den Uhren- und Schmuckgeschaften in ganz Europa verkauft.
Presentation of the first model series of the brand «Poljot-International» named «Basilika». The popularity of the model is still high and it belongs to the “top ten” of our best-sellers.
Produktion der ersten goldenen «Poljot-International»-Uhr. Sie ist dem 50. Jahrestag des Kriegsendes 1945 gewidmet. Die limitierte Ausgabe dieser Uhr verkauft sich innerhalb von 3 Monaten.
Die Firma «Poljot-V GmbH» stellt erstmals auf der größten internationalen Uhrenmesse in Basel, in der Schweiz, aus. Sie präsentiert ihre Erzeugnisse einem breiten Publikum aus Fachleuten und Uhrenliebhabern. Dadurch erweitert sich der Kreis der Distributoren weltweit in entscheidendem Maße.
The chronograph «Nicolai-II» with a modified movement became a rare jewel for connoisseurs. This gold watch and its beautiful dial with the little tsars’ crown and a ruby jewel on it, was created in memory of the last Russian tsar Nicolai II.
Edition of the golden ladies watch on the occasion of the 850.anniversary of the foundation of Moscow. The exclusive model is decorated with 211 diamonds and 7 sapphires – all set by hand. After its presentation at the watch show in Vienna, to the watch «850 years Moscow» was awarded a price for “one of the best watches of the year” in the category «Elegant ladies watches».
The watch «Millenium», intended as a gift for the Russian Orthodox Church, was presented to Alexej II., Patriarch of Moscow and Russia.
Pict. 6. «Millenium».
Der zu Beginn des neuen Jahrtausends fertiggestellte Buchkatalog «Poljot-International 2000» wurde von Fachleuten und Uhrenfreunden gleichermaßen gelobt. Außer den Uhrenmodellen enthält er einen Exkurs in die Geschichte der Ersten Moskauer Uhrenfabrik und der Stadt Moskau.


In this memorable year, the chronograph «Gorbatchev» took a place of honour at the Fair booth of «Poljot-International». It is distinguished by a gold-plated case and a hinge-cover and was made on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the first Soviet president.

Alexander Shorokhov, the director of the company «Poljot-International», personally congratulated Mr. Gorbatchev and handed the first watch over. Meanwhile, diplomats and statesmen belongs to the owners of this limited watch model.

The chronograph «Strela» reminds the first “walk in space”. It has a tachometer scale and a special pilots’ leather strap. Such a chronograph the Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov wore on his wrist during his space fly.
Edition of the first series of «big watches». We started the production of «Moscow Nights» and «Nights of St. Petersburg», all in a big case of Ø = 43 mm, h = 13,5 mm. These watches set the ton of the brand’s style in the following years. Many of the new models «expand» their cases until a diameter of 39-55 mm.
Das neu kreierte Modell «Nights of St.Petersburg» setzt die Kampagne der Schaffung großformatiger Uhren innerhalb der „Poljot-International“-Kollektion fort und erzielt bei Männern und Frauen eine gleichermaßen große Popularität.
The mechanical chronograph «Baikal» was high appreciated among the professionals at the «BaselWorld» in Switzerland. The very special of these watches is the original pattern of the guilloched dials and the beautiful lines. The gold-plated movement can be seen through the glass back. The diameter of the case is 43 mm; it is available in stainless steel or in pure gold. Rightly this watch became the “visiting card” of the whole brand and it’s absolutely best-seller.

According to an analysis of the marketing department of the reputable German magazine "Armbanduhren", the brand "Poljot-International" takes the 6th place among the most popular watches for the readers, leaving behind such well-known brands as "Maurice Lacroix", "Swatch", "Seiko", "Tissot" and "Patek Philippe".

According to the information from the magazine „Armbanduhren“, nowadays each 7th reader owns a „Poljot-International“- watch. (Artikel ansehen...)

«Inhorgenta» in Munich. The “entrance” of the «Navy Diver XXL» causes very contrary comments of the visitors. This enormous watch with orange dial, a “lattice” above the glass and a little chain at the winding crown has a diameter of 55 mm and water-resistance of 30 atm. This model is part of the collection of the new founded (in 2003) watch brand «CCCP by Poljot-International». According to the sales figures it is leading until today. Please see at the page www.cccp-watch.com.
The company invites for the first presenting evening in the General consulate of the Russian Federation in Bonn, Germany. The evening will be hold under the motto «The magic of the Russian watches». To the guests from politics, economy and press were presented the most interesting watch collections. The winners of the guessing games about Russian culture and traditions were rewarded with fine prices. The guests have learned a lot of interesting facts. The evening passed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The watches with separated minutes hand were subjected to a detailed examination at the Frankfurt Fair «Ambiente 2006». Later, these models were favoured by a lot of customers. The movement of the «Regulator» and «Regulator with open barrel» was the first and very successful project developed and realised in the manufacturer of «Poljot-International».

In August, 2006 some representatives of «Poljot-International» were lucky to take part in a journey to the North Pole on board of the ice-breaker «Yamal». The way through the ice desert became the trial run for the mechanical watch «Polar Bear».
In spite of the powerful magnetic fields and the low temperature - at the arrival at the North Pole the watch was running exactly. Right at the pivot of the earth’s axis the watch has got a unique stamp into its «documents: «THE GEOGRAPHICAL NORTH POLE. 06 AUG 2006 90° N. I/B YAMAL».
The unexpected snow storms and traffic jams on all motorways were no obstacles for the guests to come to the evening under the motto «The magic of the Russian watches» in the Russian embassy in Vienna. First, the New Year was celebrated with the usual Russian hospitality. Then, the Russian ambassador, Mr. S. Ossadchy and the director of the company "Poljot-International" received the jewellers and watchmakers from Austria, Switzerland and Germany with warm words.
The edition of the mechanical tourbillon «Strela-II» is an interesting resumption of the development history of the chronograph «Strela-I». It was realised together with the cosmonaut Alexey Leonov. «A. Leonov and A. Shorokhov»
Die «tourbillon bridge» is shaped as a narrow and can be seen through the gap in the dial. The inscription is: «Strela-II of A. Leonov. Limited Edition».
The watch edition is limited to 100 pcs. of each dial; the watch will be delivered together with a special certificate signed by Leonov.
The background for the next «Russian Evening» was the historical building of the Russian embassy in Madrid. Representatives of "Poljot-International" from Great Britain, the Benelux-countries, Austria, Germany and Spain informed the guests about the collections «Poljot-International» and «CCCP» (see also under www.cccp-watch.com).
At the «BaselWorld» were presented for the first time ladies and gents watches of the new brand «Basilika». The design is a harmonic connection of the traditional classical style of the «Poljot-International»-watches with new original ideas of the brand «Basilika». The new model „Big Second“ did not need special advertising, but already at the first day of presentation it has got a lot of fans. Due to its fresh and fine appearance the ladies watch «Anastasia» was also directly approved by the visitors.

Together with the Russian watch factory «Maktime» was prepared the edition of the first Russian wrist chronometer «Great Russia» of the brand «Basilika». The high accuracy of the watch movement will be certified by a special works certificate. The enamelled dial and the pure silver case make this model a real collector’s item. The limited edition of 300 pcs. will make the watch quiet valuable.

The brand «Basilika» is starting in the new year with another „space“ project. The automatic watch «Soyus-Apollo» shall remind the „handshaking in orbit“ in 1975, between the Soviet and American astronauts.

At that time, the space ships of different countries have docked to each other. The watch with case of diameter of 45 mm, sapphire glass and glass back is equipped with the function of a „world timer“ and also with a display of «Day & Date». Limited edition of 500 pcs.